Real Estate Geographical farming is the act of marketing your real estate business to a neighborhood. By choosing to specialize in one geographic area where you position yourself to become an authority and the go-to agent in that real estate market. This is achieved through consistency, efficiency, expertise and the right tools.

Geographic farming is the most common type of real estate farming. By focusing your energy on one area, you’ll soon know its pros and cons like the back of your hand, this knowledge, when seen by your clients, will be extremely useful tool for you to get consistent leads.

One geographic farming area that you might consider is your own neighborhood. You are more likely to already know the ins and outs of the neighborhood! Farming your own neighborhood will also make you easily available to clients who are looking for a last-minute showing.

Dominate Your Area
After you’ve chosen your geographic farm and done your research, it’s time to cash in on your hard work. Building your presence at this point should feel easy in comparison to choosing your farm; after all, all that research you did surely taught you everything you need to know about the neighborhood and your target audience!

Real estate farming makes marketing simpler and cleaner. Take direct mail marketing for example. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, and still one of the most effective marketing methods. Combine direct mail with a real estate farm, and you’ve discovered a well of opportunity, even without a traditional mailing list!

Real Estate Farming Today
The marketing tactics listed above are still an integral part of real estate sales, but surely you noticed that something was missing — online marketing. Clients expect their realtor to have an online presence, whether it’s a Facebook page or a website. But online marketing can be one of the most frustrating and difficult aspects of a marketing strategy.

Get Started
It’s hard to read about the many boons of real estate farming and not be itching to get started. Just remember to take the time to choose your farm carefully, and then don’t look back! The most successful real estate farms come from a place of true love for the area and dedication to its promotion and growth. When you combine those ingredients, the benefits to your business can only be positive. Click here to learn more about a customized real estate farming strategy designed just for you and cost as little as $20 per month. Happy farming!

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